ballet nimba bagatai

An award - winning Performing Arts Company, Ballet Nimba offer productions of dance theatre, music albums and films, for the complete immersion in the wonderful West African Culture. Come and see one of our excitingly dynamic shows with furious percussive beats, soaring vocals,  mesmerising flute player and rootsy acoustics of the Ngoni with acrobatic dance thrown in for good measure.


Take a look at some of our work below and you'll get some idea of the unique experience which our performances offer an audience.

"The Way you see me" : a new production for 2015, collaborating with technical artist John Collingswood. Challenge your preconceptions on what is Traditional African Dance......

2014 -2015


"Man": a look at the dominant masculinity in Guinean society and how this is juxtaposed with the vulnerabilities of the individual

2013 - 2014


The Baga lands are a region of secrecy  Idrissa Camara created “Bagatai” to give us a small glimpse into this world

“they wanted us to pray, and we only wanted to dance”



A Narrative Dance-Theatre piece based on the love story between the young girl Saiyama and the boisterous Payapaya which ends in tragedy. Featruing traditional masks and music


Saiyama & Payapaya

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Mask1 (3)

Ballet Nimba's  first production, this piece  looks at the role of Masks in African society not so much a disguise as we may perceive but  as a medium for invisible forces and embodies the spirit of the ancestors


Spirit Mask