Founded by the irrepressible Idrissa Camara of Guinea in 2010, Idrissa's innovative ideas have taken the UK by storm and with his direction, NIMBA has combined traditional dance roots with dynamic young performers and an original musical score. We combine artists from across West Africa to produce a dynamic, compelling show with amazing musicianship and percussive beats that will astound you. Ballet Nimba features the rare talents of  Fulani Flute and Bolon Bata players from Guinea; an Ngoni player from Cote d’Ivoire and soaring vocals . Percussion on Djembe, Doundouns, Kirin and Wassaoumba is provided by some of West Africa’s most outstanding percussionists.

We are a versatile company and can deliver shows exclusively based on their outstanding music or combining agile and acrobatic dance.


Ballet Nimba is based on the "African Ballet" tradition which was born in Guinea to tell the stories of the Griots (travelling musicians and the region's oral historians) using artistic choreography and made famous by Les Ballets Africains. Most of the members of Ballet Nimba are themselves from Griot families or have been immersed in this culture since childhood.


The name Ballet Nimba not only reflects this inspiration but is also a political statement regarding the reclamation of the term "Ballet" and challenges the perception that African dance is something from the past to be viewed with nostalgia, rather than the dynamic and exciting art form which it is.

" NIMBA is the most important mask from my tribe -The Baga. NIMBA in our country is strength, the joy of living, the love of the beautiful and the attachment to our customs. We dance for Nimba, we sing for Nimba, we ask for the protection of our ancestors" IDRISSA CAMARA.


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" self styled ambassadors of West African musical culture featuring an excitingly dynamic show with furious percussive beats, soaring vocals,  mesmerising flute  rootsy string acoustics, with acrobatic dance thrown in for good measure. Outstanding entertainment!"